pretend I’m a character in a story of fiction.

Dino mobile packed, girls in camo, big sir here we come! 🌲shout out to mama and poppa sauce for the snacks and wine sponsor 🍷🌳 (at Rio Del Mar Beach, Calif)

Woke up in a TP in west Oakland, how’d I get so far from home. Oh well at least it’s not like that one time after outside lands 2 years ago

City girls like metropolitan glasses 🍸🍸🍸🍸#snax (at The Mission District)
Hippy braids in San Francisco  (at VACATION)
Hi mom 🌻✌️💋

you came over and my heart was so full, I was so  excited I could barely contain.

She suddenly appeared behind you, I was angry and hurt. The Jealousy began to built. 

We were all standing on the roof, the sun was setting. You and her were in an embrace, I could recognize the romance, the moment you two were sharing. I couldn’t hold my jealousy anymore, I made it known. 

You immediately pushed her away, she looks so confused, you pointed to the door and she left. I was still so angry, I sat on the edge of the roof my feet dangling over, you sat down next to me and kissed my shoulder, my jealousy was replace with bubbling puppy love. You whispered something in my ear and then, I woke up.

I am angry at my dream self, I’d never react that way and I refuse to believe I still have feelings for you. You really don’t deserve them. 

oh fine :(

oh fine :(

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