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I am so happy I do not live here

I am so happy I do not live here

 cannot repeat that enough

I am so fucking sad here,  and I ran away from this familiar  sadness years ago

Pool and led zeppelin in my hometown  (at Rio Del Mar Beach, Calif)

I love my family, I enjoy spending time with them more than ever. California is great but not for the reasons I use to think. I’m very thankful for New York and how strong it’s made me. I was so unhappy when I lived here in Ca. It’s alway been beautiful and easy but I knew I wasn’t challenging myself. I realized my comfort, recognized the plateaus. The east coast has shaped and built me. I love who I have become. I’ve waited for this moment, this happiness, for so fucking long. I have my down days and of course I have so much more to conquer but I pray and hope this inner reassurance and happiness last forever. Coming back has only confirmed this new found power. I don’t mean to sound cocky, I swear I’ve always been quite humble about things of this matter but for the first time, I can finally say, I’m proud of myself. Thank you universe for my many blessings, for such supportive parents, their generosity, wisdom and guidance. I am very lucky, luckier than most.



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